Welcome to Matthews Astrology.com! I offer detailed astrological reports, Tarot/Psychic readings  and personal astrological consultations.

Astrology has been used to for thousands of years to understand life events, psychological experiences, to understand trends and predict events. Astrology is an amazing and fun way to use planetary movement to understand our psychological makeup, predict life events and other occurrences that happen in every day life.

What you need to get started in astrology is your birthday, exact birth time, and your birth city. The time and location is to precisely determine the ascendant or rising sign of your natal chart. The best place to find this is generally on your birth certificate. If you do not have your birthtime you can still get accurate astrological information!

Explore this website and start by clicking on the free reports tab. There you will find how to obtain information based on your natal chart. This chart is your astrological fingerprint and almost every calculation is based on this important information.

I believe my consultations and reports are fantastic. Please explore the Consultation and Astrological Reports tabs for more information.