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Dear Matthew,  

I have struggled with Love and career for quite some time, I think I see a break through in the next several months, but I would love your insight on anything you might see that I am overlooking. D Female, 2-5-1972, 1:30 pm, Denver, CO 

Dear D,

Looking at your chart, it is apparent that you are a very giving person almost to a fault. A big challenge for you is to set boundaries that can balance the powerful emotions and reactions that you experience in relationships. By working on not giving too much and not taking too much, it’s very possible to have more success in your relationships. You might notice that explosive situations in your relations with others just seem to appear out of nowhere and require adjustments and sacrifices on your part.  

In the career front, you get a great deal of enjoyment working with the public. You have a lot of people willing to help you but make sure you don’t forget those who helped along the way. Style and grace probably come naturally to you and this is helpful in the world of your career. A possible life challenge for you is to make sure to set goals that are attainable and stick to your plan.

I do see some great opportunities for you in love and career. Your career should be ripe with opportunities for you over the next few months. You might be finding some very valuable associations coming into the picture for you. Contacts might be entering your life suddenly that can really help your career objectives. A very exciting time indeed! 

In love, with the strongest influence occurring between March 30th to April 2nd, (2010) you might have met someone special, a relationship blossomed or developed, or changes to your romantic status occurred. If you met someone this could be a meaningful relationship for you. Keep yourself centered; try not to be too idealistic in relationships to help keep your perspective. By being willing to make adjustments and looking at things objectively and you might find this time pleasant regardless of your romantic status. 

You’re a born leader and motivating force for others. It’s your time to step into your greatness and you’re going to find the opportunities will present themselves. Keep centered and enjoy what the universe is giving you!

Posted May 5, 2010