Astrology is an uncanny, fun and accurate way to explain why we are who we are as well as the timing of life events. This science and art form has been in practice for thousands of years. Some historians claim that astrology dates back before 6000 B.C.!

If you think about it, our whole system of timekeeping is based on the position of the Earth as it relates to The Sun. The movement of the planets influences almost every part of our daily life. For example, the Gregorian calendar (what our current calendar system is based on) is totally based on the Earth�s rotation and creates our concept of time (Seconds, minutes, hours and days). Without our planetary influenced calendar, our time based society would be in for quite a shock. This is one of the many examples that planetary movement and position affects our life.

Astrology also has been influential in mythology, religion, and spirituality in many different cultures of the world. In modern culture, horoscopes based on an individuals astrological Sun sign (i.e. Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius) can be found in almost every newspaper, fascinating millions around the World.

While no one knows for sure how and why astrology works in such an uncanny manner, Matthew believes that it is simple mathematics combined with mythological archetypes. humans have studied the stars and over the course of time matched the rhythms of life to the rhythms of planetary orbits. The combination of mathematical movement with the archetypal symbols of the planets gives astrology its amazing insight into the human experience.